Teacher/ Staff Success

One of the biggest contributors to our students’ success here in FCPS is the high quality of our teachers and staff. A child’s success may be measured in the classroom, but their school day begins the minute they interact with the bus driver, front office staff, Instructional assistant (IA), etc. In order to provide the best opportunities for our children to succeed, we must work harder to attract, grow, support, and retain the best teacher workforce.

  • Attract and Grow our teacher workforce

    • Pay raises

      • ​The best way to attract great teachers and staff is to pay them like the professionals they are.  This means a living wage that affords them the opportunity to live in the communities in which they work and protecting their retirement

    • Increase diversity

      • We know that having teachers and staff who reflect the great diversity of our students is very important to decreasing inequity in our discipline process here in FCPS,  We should increase diversity among our teachers and staff by working to “grow our own” through FCPS’ Teachers for Tomorrow​ program and increasing recruitment at HBCUs and other diverse colleges/universities

    • Recruitment

      • ​We need to increase our recruitment of non-traditional, non-Education majors to expand our field of professionals and work with our General Assembly to increase opportunities for accelerated training to ensure that we have a workforce that brings different professional backgrounds and experiences

  • Support and Retain our incredible teachers and staff

    • Teachers are the experts.  We have micro-managed the curriculum and over-emphasized testing in way that has taken much of the joy and creativity out of teaching. It is imperative that we return professional autonomy​ back to our teachers.

    • Teacher planning time is critical to development of lesson plans and ensures appropriate delivery of the curriculum.  It must be protected and not used for other administrative responsibilities.

    • We will work with our teachers to find an evaluation process that is fair and an honest assessment of their capabilities.  We should also look to the best practices of other systems and possibly transition to a peer review system

    • We must work with our administrators to reduce administrative workload on our teachers and staff.  Of particular concern is the administrative burden placed on our special education teachers and school counselors.